The Portrait

23 x 33 in | 59 x 84 cm | Charcoal and graphite on paper | 2019

This drawing depicts the pain of a defiled, broken, abused young girl, with the reflection of her oppressor in her eyes.


This is me
A girl who wore the shattering remnants of her brokenness
My body turned into a gourd in its shard state
Leaking defiled fluids of splattering pains
as if my dreams are fetched from desecrated downstream of life's gloomy days
With holes of melancholy punctured into my inner mind
In my fragile soul,are bleeding torrents of unspoken sorrows from within my bruised heart
Firmly under barricaded siege of thorns of anguish
Piercing down the tissues of my pride with bluntly sharp edges

To tear my essence apart
& left me nursing wounds in tormenting bleakness
Till it became graphic scars reflecting me as haunted images of battered soul inside a mirror of sour memories.

This is me
Staring into forlorn spaces of silent struggles holding my voices as hostage of muteness
From speaking from the hills of hell which I stood my feet upon
While my wholeness fell to split into unnamed and untamed emotions

Emotions that begin to flow as turbulent sea of torturous waves spreading to explode into an imminent anger
Carrying hidden ripples of venomous silences
I still carried these dreadful emotions in my head and locked them into cells of my heart
and turned them into aggressive prisoners pulling them down the walls of my burdened mind
To free me from dark cages of endless grief

This is me
A defiled vessel of alluring beauty,
Smashed into stones of various abuses
By the ugliest, from the mindless touches of men
I broke into countless cracks and bleed floods of blood, mixed with oceans of tears and each bruises
I sustained from these unforgettable ordeals, defaced the bones of sanity.
With drenching damp of sorrows in my teary face, telling the untold anguish of my weeping tales.

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