Tosin Akingba was born in Lagos State by Nigerian parents. She holds a B.Sc in Mass Communication (National Open University)

She started drawing as a little kid and popularly known in her secondary school for her amazing drawings.

Later in life, she chased other dreams as it was believed she wouldn't make it with her talent, years later, she found her talent again, this time with enough financial support she has garnered for herself.

Tosin's art are a way of expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions from ones soul, making depiction with a drawing medium of pencils and charcoal in such a way that it is understandable and relatable by those who see her artworks.

Tosin Akingba's drawings are majorly on facial expressions -telling a story with her drawings, to strike the mind of her audience and anyone who comes across her works.

All of these expressions reflect on the human face and can easily be read and understood -This inspires her art and she believes she can inspire others with her drawings and hope to change the society and the world for better. Tosin Akingba's artworks are of such that strikes the inner core of my audience and bring realisation about things oblivious to our naked eye, mind and the society.

Tosin's graphite drawings subject major on mental health social ills, climate change, identity, depression and anxiety.

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